Compare website redesigned to help consumers search for physicians

Physician Compare, a website that allows consumers to search and compare information about hundreds of thousands of physicians and other health care professionals, has been redesigned to make the site easier to use and provide new information for consumers. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced the redesign, which includes an improved search function and more frequently updated information.

“Nearly a million physicians and other health care professionals serve the Medicare population,” said CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner. “This vastly improved website will provide new information in an improved, easy-to-use format.”

Physician Compare was improved based on user and partner feedback, as part of improvements in the Affordable Care Act. The redesign includes new information on physicians, such as:

·        Information about specialties offered by doctors and group practices;

·        Whether a physician is using electronic health records;

·        Board certification; and

·        Affiliation with hospitals and other health care professionals.

Physician Compare is also now connected to the most consistently updated database so that consumers will find the most accurate and up-to-date information available. In 2014 quality data will be added, and this will help users choose a medical professional based on performance ratings.

Visit the Physician Compare website at You can also go to and click on “Find doctors & other health professionals.”

A video highlighting the main features of the redesign is available at:

Medicare Updates Part B Claims Address

Part B Claims

Novitas Solutions Attn: Part B Claims PO Box XXXX (replace the Xs with the PO Box number from the table below) Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-XXXX (fill in the +4 from the table below)

Part B Claims CMS 1500 Claim Form (08/05) PO Box Zip +4
Arkansas P.O. Box 3098 17055-1816
Colorado P.O. Box 3107 17055-1823
DCMA P.O. Box 3396 17055-1841
Delaware P.O. Box 3397 17055-1842
Indian Health Services P.O. Box 3111 17055-1857
Influenza/Flu Claims/Roster Billings P.O. Box 3112 17055-1827
Louisiana P.O. Box 3097 17055-1815
Maryland P.O. Box 3398 17055-1843
Mississippi P.O. Box 3129 17055-1834
New Jersey P.O. Box 3030 17055-1802
New Mexico P.O. Box 3107 17055-1823
Oklahoma P.O. Box 3107 17055-1823
Pennsylvania P.O. Box 3418 17055-1854
Texas P.O. Box 3108 17055-1824